The importance of the pearl necklace is outlined below

Marital life is the process simply by which two persons produce their relationship public, standard, and permanent. It can be the joining of two persons in an attachment that putatively lasts right up until death, but in practice is increasingly cut short by divorce. Of training course, over the course of a relationship that can easily last as many since seven or eight many years, a lot happens. Individuality change, bodies age, and romantic love waxes and wanes. And no marital life is free of turmoil. What permits a few to endure is just how they handle that discord. So how do you manage the down sides that undoubtedly arise? And just how can you keep the spark with your life? Marriage is probably 1 of the main aspects of a woman’s life. This is the day the moment she becomes one with her beloved, and the lady usually shares this remarkable moment with her nearest loved ones and friends. Since jewelry are often pricey and can be very easily displayed off it’s generally available to serious human relationships. The pearl necklace is the answer to this!

The marriage day is the best time for a star of the wedding to be at her most beautiful. The bride-to-be needs to be therefore glamorous with this special particular date, so wedding accessories happen to be a necessity. Bridal charms may be the main item which can add style for the bride’s image. Many designers recommend pearls since the best choice to help to make the bride exude radiance during her wedding. Pearl jewelry are timeless rather than are unsuccessful to add grace in a woman, making her the middle of interest on her day.

pearl jewelryAmongst pearl jewelry, a treasure necklace is most desired by women. The several colors and luster of pearl make the guitar neck stunning. Pearls come in white, black, and as well other hues that can be coordinated with most dresses and gowns. Designs for Gem Diamond necklace. A pearl pendant comes in several lengths and designs:
1. Training collar Pearl Necklace – this kind of necklace comes in 3 or more pearl hair strands which might be 12-13 inches in length. A collar bead necklace fits the middle section of the neck. This provides you with the impression of a very royal and high-class look which goes very best with off shoulder dresses, or V-neck and fishing boat neck tops.
2. Installment obligations on your Choker Treasure Necklace – this is definitely the most classic design and style among the list of variants of pearl jewellery. It is normally 14-16 inches wide long and comes found in one strand. It can be also the most adaptable design since it complements any clothing design, via an everyday outfit to the most formal clothing like a bridal outfit.
3. Princess Pearl Diamond Necklace – this is very much longer than a training collar and a choker. This usually comes in a strand 17-19 inches in length. The princess is usually best with crew and high necklines. Additionally, it adds to any type of bridesmaid gown that’s why a lot of charms designers pick a princess pearl pendant in colors that could match the design of the wedding gown
4. Matinee Pearl Necklace – that is made for an extremely hip get up. It comes over a strand a tiny longer than the usual princess necklace around your neck but somewhat shorter compared with how an opera necklace for 20-24 inches.
5. Pearl Necklace – in 28-34 inches, the safari necklace is among the longest types of rings. It has an extremely classy look which can often be paired with high neckline gowns. It may likewise be double-looped to produce a choker effect.
6. Rope Pearl Necklace – this drop from your the neck and throat in pure elegance in over 45 inches. This kind of design exudes an extremely sensuous aura though it can be large in appearance. Some designers make it adjustable intended for you to quickly generate it into an internet explorer or princess pearl pendant.

The bridal pearl pendant may vary in expense according to its size and the quality of pearls used. The personal preference is yours, It truly is more affordable though if in contrast to important metal jewelry.

Own hair like improvised plait

Escalating of Brazilian Hair becomes incredibly popular during last time. The main reason is that this technology has been successfully performing its basic function – you get a long voluminous hair, which is a real decoration of any girl. Not all are happy owners of such a gift of nature, besides own hair under the influence of circumstances may grow very slowly, fall, lose its beauty. The use of cosmetic products has the right, but slow action. But we usually want everything right now.

hair extensionsMethod of hair extension allows to solve several problems in one fell swoop:
– contrast increase in length;
– a significant increase in volume;
– the ability to hide physical flaws;
– receding hairline, bald spots, etc;
– creation of a new great look.

Brazilian procedure allows to carry out all these opportunities much safer, than all the existing methods do. Advantage of this method of hair extension is the fact that the process does not require a special glue or hair keratin, there is no negative hot impact on the hair structure, and there is no need to use any chemicals to fix the effect.

Such a method removes hair from the traumatic effects that can lead to negative consequences – brittle, active loss that likely will lead to a short hairstyle. Another unpleasant aspect is the constant sense of the presence of foreign objects in the head (metal clips). And imagine a romantic date on which the beloved man buries his hands in your hair and wallows in metal parts. Does it feel good? It is uncomfortable to sleep with them, you have to braid your hair at night, dandruff can occur, and you need a remarkable skill to create a hairstyle, because capsules are easily palpated and they are difficult to hide.

hair extensionsThe new method makes it possible to avoid most of these problems, thanks to the unique Brazilian technology – the overhead locks are simply strapped around the own hair like improvised plait. As a result such a connection becomes very strong and natural, even when you create hairstyles. Weaving capacity can be called an original interpretation of Brazilian Hair Sale. In contrast to a few untidy and specific dreadlocks requiring special care, exotic colorful braids are very popular among fashionistas. In addition, the procedure of hair extension with braids itself is absolutely painless and does not harm the health and appearance of your own curls. Particularly attractive are hairstyles interwoven with colored threads, although there are much more accessories for weaving – colored rubber bands, beads, ribbons, clips. By the way, capacity curls and braids with interweaving of feathers are in great demand today. It is in the spirit of the American Indian. In any case, you do not need special care with such a hairstyle, except using ordinary shampoo. Agree, it is a great option for summer, it will make you look very bright and will not let go unnoticed. And how many options of pilings can come up with color braids!

Why Brazilian Hair Bundles are a Woman’s Secret

All women have ever had an bad hair day at one point in time.Many women ranging from celebrities,non-celebrities,African,Asian and Caucacian have admitted to having terrible hair days and in most cases put on wigs and extensions to hide their various flaws.lf you are looking for a weave or extension that looks good,brazillian hair should in no doubt come to mind. They are not only affordable,but they are also easy to maintain and stay neat Brazilian Hair Bundles are very common in supermarkets and beauty shops. They come in different lengths,colour,textures,wavy and straight.

Types of Brazilian BundlesTypes of Brazilian Bundles
1. Brazilian Curly Human Hair
The bouncy weave does not get damaged by water and heat. This means you can wash,blow dry or set it according to the styles you desire. You can also apply color on it which makes it unique and different from others. Its benefit is that you can always have a customized look which is what most women aim to achieve.
2. Brazilian Straight Human Hair
Brazilian Straight Hair is a common weave used by many women because it has a natural look. The cuticles are always intact and the weave does not get tangled up. One cannot also help fall in love with its elegant looks. You can also wash and blowdry it making it easy to maintain.
3. The Brazilian Body Wavy Human Hair
The common feature for this weave is the S-shaped pattern. It is also an elegant weave that blends with any type of hair whether natural or relaxed. It is thick and full with no split ends. The weave is 100% human hair.
4.Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair
It is very common among women of the African race.One unique advantage is that in addition to being easy to maintain you will not need to comb or brush it. The kinky style makes it neat and easy to can be washed and still maintains the wavy design. This  is tangle free and does not shed any hair. Bundles come in 3 pieces or 4 pieces for a full head
5.Brazilian Loose Wave Human Hair
The weave has a spiral shaped pattern that makes it bouncy and funEven though it comes in bundles of three,its thickness covers the entire has an exquisite weft and healthy cuticles with no split is also 100% virgin hair with a smooth and soft texture which gives it a slick look.

Benefits of Brazilian Hair Bundles
There are numerous advantages associated with Brazilian hair and they are as follows:
1. They look like natural hair and one cannot even tell the difference. Their shiny look makes a person look elegant and sophisticated
2. The hair is durable Research has shown that Brazilian weaves last longer than Indian,Malaysian and Japanese hair types.
3. You can treat it just as you would your natural hair. This means washing,blow drying and setting with a hot iron.
4. Brazilian hair is always full and fills the whole head hence there is no need to add extensions.
5. The biggest advantage of Brazilian hair is that it blends with all ethnic hair textures. This is why it is used by women of all ethnic groups be it African,Asian or still looks natural and not synthetic.

Dos and Don’t When Putting on Brazilian Weaves
There is no argument that Brazilian weaves are the best for women of all is however important to observe a some tips when buying and putting it on the weaves. They are as follows.
1. Choose a weave that closely matches the color and texture of your hair. The weave will blend well and look all natural on youDo not buy silkier and shinier weaves than your own hair because you want your hair to look like the weave.
2. Have your stylist sew the weave on using a silk thread.Cotton thread absorbs moisture intended for your hair leaving it dry and brittleSilk does not absorb moisture hence your hair will still have that shiny look
3. Treat your weave as well as you would treat your hair-Wash your weave al least twice a week using shampoo and conditioner and use a big comb to detangle it.
4. Do not allow your stylist to braid your hair too could cause tension damage which easily weakens your natural hair. Tight braids are uncomfortable and even cause headaches.

Brazilian Hair Bundles definitely have an upper edge over other brands of weaves and hair extensions. You can save the cost of buying new weaves because the durability of Brazilian hair is unquestionable.

Black dresses is a winner all the way

History was rewritten when Coco Chanel broke into the fashion scene with the iconic “little black dress” Considered an essential in every woman’s wardrobe, the versatile black dress lends itself to dramatically different interpretations. Though black was the color of mourning until then, the little black dress broke all previous myths and emerged as the one outfit every woman ensured she had.

From cocktail parties to elegant evening ensembles to red carpet events, black is a shade that never disappoints. The innate mysterious quality of black is always alluring. Black also complements every figure type by hiding the unwanted bulges and flattering every type of complexion. When in doubt, go for black!

Black dresses are ideal for power dressing at work as well as for partying after office hours. An elegant jacket and pumps would mean business during the day while stilettos and a stylish waist clincher, combined with an exclusive statement jewellery piece would transform it into a classy party outfit.

The classic cuts are the safest bet for a black dress as they are timeless in their elegance. Pairing the black dress with different kinds of outerwear makes all the difference in the look one wants to carry. There is a wide variety of choices ranging from denim jackets to blazers and cardigans. The weather and occasion demand different combinations. Leather jackets are chic and so are fitted boleros. Men’s tuxedo style jackets are glamorous when combined with an off shoulder black dress.

black dress with high heelsFootwear is another important accessory that must be paid attention to. One can for the safe black or add a splash of color in a bright shade. Shoes can range from dressy ballerina flats, sexy gladiator shoes, nude pumps and tall boots to casual sneakers and high heels. High heels are definitely perfect to accompany black for a night out. Going all black with net stockings is also an attractive idea.

Jazzing up a black outfit with gold can never go wrong. A chunky gold necklace or dangling earrings or even a statement bracelet would add the right amount of glamour to black. A thick silver belt with embellishments or a deliciously red one would easily increase the glam quotient. Carrying the right clutch or purse in a contrasting color finishes the look perfectly. A neon shade of blue or pink, a glittering print or the classic white there is again a wide variety to select from. A funky bag works like a charm with a black dress.

Deciding a look is ever so easy with black dresses. The conservative, the bohemian, the red carpet…each look can be carried off using the right accessories. Soft fabrics are suitable for summer while fur jackets or simple stoles do well in colder weather. Lace, sateen and velvet bring in a feminine, girly feel to the outfit. Long sleeves in lace, polka dots and wrap dresses are superb innovations on the evergreen classic.

Black dresses is a winner all the way. Just remember to accessorize wisely and you are ready to be the cynosure of all eyes..

Learn more high heels news

High heels can be simply defined as shoes with high heels. They are foot-wears that usually raise the heels of the one wearing them significantly above their toes. A footwear is not considered a high heel if both the toes and the heel are raised in the same height, it is referred to as a platform shoe. However, there exist high heeled platform shoes.
According to fashion definition, we have high heels and low heels. A low heel is the one that is approximately 25 inches (which translates to around 6.4 centimeters). mid less heels are considered to be between 25 and 3.5 inches (which translates to 6.4 and 8.9 cm) and anything over this is considered to be a high heel. Hence in general, the term high heel refers to the shoes in a range of 2 to 6 inches or even more. The shoes above 15 centimeters are not considered as apparel. Although high heels are mostly wore by ladies, there are some designs with raised heels that are wore by both men and ancient times, high heels were wore by men before the women took them over.

History of high heels.

They originally started as wooden. However it is not clearly known who invented high heels. They have different origins.

a) Ancient Egypt
Back in 3500 B.C, early depictions of high heels were seen on the olden Egyptian murals. These murals would portray Egyptian noBilities wearing high heels to differentiate them from the lower class who used to go barefoot. They were worn by both genders that is men and women and they were worn during ceremonies. However in Egypt, high heels played a significant role to the butchers as the butchers wore them in order to step and walk over the bloodied carcasses of animals. During these times, the heels were made of leather.
b) Ancient Roman and Greek
During the roman and Greek era, the soles were made of wooden cork soles. High heels were particularly wore by actors to differentiate their social class and the significance of each individual character. During the
ancient Rome, sex trade was legalized and the high heel mostly wore by sex workers hence they we used to identify those within that type of trade to clients. This made heels to be associated with prostitution
c) Middle ages 
In these ages, both genders used to wear pattens that were wooden soles attached to their soles so as to keep their delicate and costly footwear out of mud and rubbles in the roads. The platform shoes were first seen in Turkey in the 1400’s and later spread throughout Europe up to mid 1600_ During these times, the heels used to be around 30 inches high and women used canes or sticks to help them walk. Also during this time, the heels had a significant role. They were used by men to restrict the movement of their female counterparts. This brought in the issue of women rights.
Rise of heels as fashion
The first women heels were designed in 1533. The invention of heels can be attributed to Catherine de Medici at the age of 14 and who later became the queen of France. Currently, heels are mostly wore and highly envied by women.
Types of heels
Cone-this is cone-shaped in that they are wide at the point where it meets the sole and narrower downwards.
Kitten-short and slim heel which is at most 2 inches high and a diameter not exceeding 0.4 inches at the point where it touches the ground.
Puppy-is a squared block that is roughly 2 inches.
Prism-consist of three flat sides that make them triangular in shape.
Spool-usually broad where it meets the sole, narrower at the middle and wide at the point where it touches the ground
Arch-normally worn by teen.
Wedge-occupies the total space under the arch and space below the heels.

 photo gorgeous-stiletto-heel.jpg

Negative effects of heel

The negative reasons of wearing heeled shoes are based on both health and applied reasons. These include:

1.Increase the chances of fractures.
2.They can cause shaky walk.
3.They can make the wearer not able to run.
4.They can intensify pain in the lower back.
5.Are likely to cause damage to floors that are soft.

Positive effects:

1.Make the one wearing to appear somehow taller.
2.Legs appear to be longer.
3.Makes the curvatures of the feet upper and well defined.
4.Make the feet of the wearer to appear shorter.

No matter wear high heel is good or bad, it bring beauty to us in fact. Make clothes look much better, our self more confidence.